Authorities & Responsibilities

We will identify who is responsible for every investment decision, where there are gaps in those authorities, and provide recommendations on how to close gaps.

  • There are literally dozens of potential decisions that can get made within an investment portfolio. 
  • We will create a grid showing all aspects of investment decision making
  • Show who is responsible for what decisions, including any external contributors. 
  • Show required communication for specific decisions
  • Identify gaps between various levels of decision making
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John J. Gauthier, CFA

John J. Gauthier, CFA

John and the JJG Advisory network works together with your company’s management team and board of directors to review all your financial materials and compile analysis and results. We present observations and recommendations for improvement with specific action plans and timelines for implementation.

We work together with your company to improve HOW you make investment decisions, not WHAT you invest in.

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