Portfolio Rebalancing

We will make observations about weaknesses in the current asset allocation decision-making process and make recommendation on how to improve the process.

  • Who are the people involved in the investment decision-making function?
  • Who sits on the Board Investment Committee (and what are their credentials)?
  • Who sits on internal management investment related committees and what are their credentials?
  • How often are decisions made?
  • How much flexibility is available at each level /what are the constraints on portfolio movements?
  • What are the required inputs to each meeting?
  • What is the framework for decisions (Majority, single vote, unanimous)?
  • What are the communication requirements of those decisions?
  • Who maintains notes on what decisions were made and why?
  • Who maintains the track record of the decision-making process?
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John J. Gauthier, CFA

John J. Gauthier, CFA

John and the JJG Advisory network works together with your company’s management team and board of directors to review all your financial materials and compile analysis and results. We present observations and recommendations for improvement with specific action plans and timelines for implementation.

We work together with your company to improve HOW you make investment decisions, not WHAT you invest in.

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